2007 (1)

2006 is gone…11 years now since the new AMSE Board (under the management of Professor Gil Aluja) decided to continue Professor Mesnard’s (AMSE founding member) initial work which started in 1980. Many things have changed since, we must adapt. Thanks to everybody to help us to continue this action: representatives, members, delegates in AMSE conferences, authors…

Journals Submission : 306 submissions have been received in 2006 (there was a jump from the figure, 260, seen the previous years) and 173 papers were forwarded to Spain for edition. It is encouraging to see that the editorial effort is paid in return and our journals become more and more attractive. The selection becomes harder; please, read carefully the “Instructions to Authors” and keep the level. AMSE journals are indexed in 7 databases; we won’t keep this positive appreciation if the level (content and form) drops. Also, don't forget to indicate clearly the relation (tool or application) with modelling and/or simulation. Most of the papers are quickly seen by the Referees and the Board appreciates this very valuable contribution, because AMSE is everybody’s concern. For the (small but too high) rest there is a (worrying) delay and the Board does its best to reduce it. So, please help us; don’t delay the papers or tell us quickly if you are really unable to do this job of general interest (or to find one of your colleagues who is qualified). A failure delays uselessly our colleagues’ papers and makes the AMSE work more heavy.
Please, don’t forget you should not send registered mail, or mail with a special delivery, to the AMSE address in Lyon (Avenue Berthelot). Registered mail requires a special delivery, not suitable for this letter box granted by the town hall of Lyon. Use normal mail there to prevent the return of your mail. If registered mail is necessary, please send it to the AMSE address in Tassin la Demi-Lune.
Also, don't forget the covering letter with your papers and don't forget to quote the paper number in all mail (when you have got a number). Papers without a covering letter will be returned. Considering the high number of submissions it can be difficult to guess what the paper is and to process it efficiently.
Other services, such as the publication of the contents of the latest issues of AMSE journals, have been introduced on our website since 2000. The web has become an important tool in AMSE action. Don’t forget to visit it regularly (journals & conferences).

Conferences: Among the communications presented, several (of high quality) are selected to appear, in an expanded version, in a special volume (“The Best-of”) to be edited during the following year.
The 2006 congress program included Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia/April 3-5), Konya (Turkey/August 28-30) and Bahia Blanca (Argentina/ September 27-29); thanks to Pr I.I. Yaacob and to Dr H. Abdessalam in Malaysia, to Pr N. Allahverdi and to the Konya University in Turkey; and to Pr O. Dichiara and to the Bahia Blanca South university in Argentina they had a great success.
The schedule for 2007 is: Algiers ( Algeria/ 2-4 July), Peruggia-Terni ( Italy/ 22-24 October) & Calcutta (Kolkata-India/ 3-5 December). Don’t forget to come to the AMSE conferences to meet the Executive Committee Members and to push up the AMSE scientific life; we need your action.
Now the steering committee is thinking about the 2008 program.


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