Instructions to Authors (AMSE periodicals)

Except for some survey papers, the papers must be original (research, development, results). Papers should be related to Modelling and/or Simu1ation. Then, authors are requested to indicate (if possible) to which AMSE periodical their paper is intended, although Referees may suggest another choice. Submissions are in English. All contributions are assessed by Referees.

In order to allow a correct reproduction of the paper, submissions Must comply with the following requirements:

*Titles (character size being 16), and section headings, should be clear and concise, typed in bold characters and not in capital letters; (the rest is in Times 12, or equivalent).

*Authors’ names and institution full addresses must be clearly indicated. Institution addresses are placed below the authors and before the abstract. Do not give telephone numbers.

*An Abstract (in English) of less than 150 words must precede the text; it follows immediately (on the first page) institution addresses. Abstracts in French and/or Spanish are welcome; if they are introduced, they follow immediately the abstract in English.

*Then Key Words should be indicated [between abstracts(s) and text].

*Text follows immediately (on the first page) key words. Recommended full size for the text is 10 to 20 pages. Papers should be justified and organised in one column. The text must be typed, with a good print quality ("Camera Ready"), on standard A4 size (2lx29.7 cm) sheets of white paper (Finally, papers will be reduced, by the Editor, to A5 format). We recommend Laser Print. Font must be a Times 12 (or equivalent size for the characters). Use 1.5 space between the lines. The text must be about 17 cm width and 25 cm high with almost equal margins (margin will be slightly increased at the top of the first page); thus, margins should be set as indicated: right = 2 cm, left = 2 cm, top = 2.7 cm, bottom = 2 cm. First page top margin should be set to 4 cm. Also, a discussion and a conclusion are expected.

*Tables and figures, with their captions, are included in the text at the correct place and receive numbers, which appear in the text. Photographs cannot be included.

*All Footnotes should be placed at the end of the paper, sorted by their reference number.

*A good care in the References must be introduced. Each citation must begin on a new line using the following format: Authors' names; Title (book or paper); editor, city, year of edition (book) OR Authors' names; Title (book or paper); journal name, volume, pages, year (paper). References must be up to date and a minimum of 10 references is recommended.

*Send two copies of the manuscript. Submissions should be sent to the Secretary's address:

AMSE Secretary/ 16 avenue de Grange Blanche


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